…a modern Robinson tourism

Lavdara is electric free island so we use solar energy for lighting and water heating. A cistern water. For cooking and refrigerators we use gas.

There is no market, restaurants and there is no traffic. You will leave your car in Sali and the owner of the apartment will drive you on Lavdara with his boat.

For nearby excursions or shopping in Sali you can rent a small boat. Of course, with a licence for driving it.

…about Sali

There are several shopps in Sali where You can get food and You can visit a market, place with a wide choice of fruits and vegetables.
There are also a police, post-office, doctor and pharmacy.

There is a diving school where You can rent the equipment for an individual diving or just fill your diving bottles.
Diving locations are situated near Lavdara apartments.

Buy a fishing licence in Sali and enjoy fishing

Excursions to National park Kornati and the Nature park Telascica (salt late, rocks) are organized daily.

There are souvenir shops, caffe bars, restaurants,
pastry, night bars and diskoteque in Sali

There is the possibility of getting a skipper licence in several languages.

Hiking tours of Dugi otok are organised and mountain climbing.
There is a possibility of renting a scooter to take a tour around Dugi otok.
The roads of the island are ideal for bikers.

For nearby trips and shopping in Sali You can rent a 4-5 m long boat with outboard motor of 4-6 PS.